Thursday, November 29, 2007

Updates on Cheating and then more...

Once again I reinforce my statement on the notoriously-Pinoy culture of cheating with a recent issue involving the latest civil engineers' board exam.

According to some news reports, civil engineer wannabes may have to repeat at least two segments of the board exam due to questionable exam results of some of the board-takers. Of the 30 questions listed in one of the segments, some were able to even get all 30 correct answers. Then there were also sketchy reports of one exam-taker who was caught with answers to one of the two controversial segments on his cellular phone. As it turned out, 21 out of 30 of the answers listed in the high-tech kodigo were correct.

Imagine the kind of engineers they will be if these cheaters do get their licenses.

No wonder the Department of Public Works and Highways is always considered as one of the most corrupt government agencies in our country.

No wonder we get substandard buildings and other faulty structures.

We only have ourselves to blame for allowing these cheaters to dominate the professional ranks and run our country to oblivion.

When will we ever learn?

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