Monday, April 14, 2008

Allow Me to Gloat (again)

I just have to brag and show everyone the picture of my daughter, Ingrid Crystal, during her graduation exercises last March. She's proceeding to high school already.

Sigh...time does fly by so fast.

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Rola Phoenicia said...

Hi there! Your daughter is beautiful :) I'm enjoying your blog and your articles! I dont know if you heard about this but recently McCain said that everyone in the world is happy to have American military bases in their country. I almost choked when I heard him say that, honestly these Republicans, are they stupid or just evil or both? I have so much respect for Phillipines decision to toss out the bases. It's great to be in correspondence with you and I'm happy to be part of your links, may I add you aswell?
Rola Phoenicia