Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sneaking In some Blog Business

I've been a bad blogger.

I haven't been attending to my blogs for such a long time now, they must be feeling neglected already.

So to all my blogs, sowee...*rubs gently on PC monitor*


Been so busy the past couple of weeks since I got home from the Christmas holidays in Leyte, I just couldn't find the time to sit down and share my thoughts.

Actually, I'm still very busy, but I'm sneaking some blog business into my very hectic work sked.



Tacloban? an HUC?!


Figures. Probably the existence of tissue in the women's CR of McDo-Tacloban is proof of Tacloban becoming an HUC already.

Otherwise, there's nothing else I see in that city that would make me say that the HUC status truly becomes Tacloban.

Oh yeah, maybe the existence of the newly-opened Gaisano "mall" could also be an indicator.

As well as the existence of a KFC branch.

Very shallow indeed.


Obama! Woohoo!

Enough said.


Just transferred from my Makati bedspace to a room of my own in Bacood, Sta. Mesa. It's very spacious, actually. It even has its own mini-kitchen and CR. (Yes, Nirvana!) It's a little farther from my office, though, but it's only a few short rides to and from the office. Not too cumbersome.

And I get to ride a banca over the murky Pasig River!

The stench is not that awful once your nose gets used to it, actually. And it's only worth P2 for one way.

The principle behind this Pasig banca is much like our beloved "gakit" in our barrios. No rowing is involved. The bangkero just has to pull the banca across the river using this long thick rope. Cuts my jeep trips by two. And no traffic!

Will be posting pictures soon to give you a better idea how it goes.


You guys should see my Facebook.

I've got my friends, old flames, classmates, orgmates, and batchmates from as far back as my elementary years in it.

Online reunions. And to think that twenty years ago, we were only dreaming of the possibility.

If you former students of mine are wondering what the heck I was like from those ancient times, go visit my Facebook account. Just search for Geraldine Kay Rodriguez-Gomez.

My Facebook is the reason why you don't see me that much on Friendster anymore.


Dang...gotta rush. Still got some things I need to deliver and finish.

At least, my blogspace is alive again.


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