Thursday, July 24, 2008

Issues of the Day

Issue: Military, police brace for protest actions vs. GMA’s SONA
Reaction: They should. People are so mad at the administration, they can now bite through the anti-riot polices’ shields.

Issue: SWS survey reveals GMA as “least popular president in recent history”
Reaction: I dunno. I think it’s a tie between her and Marcos. But in fairness to the latter, I think that it was his wife who cursed his memory – not Marcos himself. GMA did this to herself, in collaboration with her sleaze of a husband.

Issue: Endangered Philippine eagle found simmering in farmer’s stew
Reaction: I wish that he (the farmer, not the bird) choked – but he didn’t. Dang…

Issue: NAIA Terminal 3 finally opens to local airline carriers
Reaction: Finally, the white elephant was put to use. I just wonder if they are raising terminal fees because of this. (I hope not…)

Issue: Pierce Brosnan elected “governor” in ARMM mock elections; Celine Dion wins vice-governor ticket
Reaction: Even I would elect my all-time crush Pierce Brosnan as president of the Philippines anytime. But I first have to be assured that I’ll be his First Lady. BWAHAHAHA!

Issue: More Sulpicio Lines workers laid off from their jobs
Reaction: While these people may not be directly to blame for the numerous disasters involving Sulpicio Lines ships, I think this would be better for them in the long run. I personally wouldn’t want to be connected with Sulpicio in any way, and this shipping line’s officials should be shot in the head.

Issue: Seven-year old child relates beatings under abusive grandma
Reaction: Burned with an iron, hammered, whipped…What kind of animal could do such a thing? Oops that’s doing an injustice to animals: it’s only humans who could do that.

Issue: Strong earthquake rocks Japan
Reaction: The Brazilian seer who predicted a powerful earthquake to hit the Philippines last July 18 was way off course.

Issue: Will Smith is now Forbes Magazine’s best-paid actor
Reaction: Yo! The homey rules!

Issue: Dark Knight a box office hit
Reaction: To paraphrase Will Smith’s line in Hancock: “Homo in black…”

Issue: Britney Spears seen in a charity function for autistic children
Reaction: Autistic children? Finally, she’s among her peers.

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