Monday, August 18, 2008

A Lot of Kitty Love to Give

There was once a middle-aged woman (who doesn't look middle-aged, hehehe) who lived in a room in Cebu.

She had so many kitties, up to now she doesn't know what to do...

Halp! My room is teeming with cats!

It all started with three cuties whom I adopted exactly one year ago. Now, the two females gave birth to seven kittens, and all of them are healthy and adorable....

But I know I can't keep them.

I'm planning on transferring elsewhere, and I cannot simply lug around 10 cats with me.

The three originals, I intend to keep (and I also intend to end my tomcat's "happy days" by having him castrated). But the little ones...

Much as they have grown quite attached to me, I need to find new families for them. Soon.


Please...anyone...please be a loving "parent" and adopt one or two of my kittens for free!

By the way, I'm not giving my kittens to those who happen to be taking Biology or any other course that involves dissecting animals for Science and Research. You evil people...

Those interested can just reply to this blog so we can make arrangements to see the kittens in my room and select the ones they want to adopt from the litter. I can also teach them how to start on their lives with their precious new feline adoptee.

Give your heart to a sweet kitten or two now!

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