Friday, September 26, 2008

The Blue Eagles Soar

I may hail from the land of the UP Fighting Maroons, but my next favorite UAAP team in the league is the Ateneo Blue Eagles.

And I would like to congratulate these Atenean cagers for snatching the championship title from the beleaguered De La Salle Green Archers in this season's UAAP Games.

Di man lang pinaabot ng Game 3 ang UAAP Finals. These guys literally creamed the Archers, foiling any attempt of the latter to regain their crown.


The Season 71 finals of the UAAP was probably the most-attended one after a long time, considering that it was the Eagles and the Archers renewing their age-old grudge match on the basketball court. It was something reminiscent of the old Crispa-Toyota games in the 70s that saw the Araneta Coliseum filled to the rafters with cheering fans.

You Atenistas should really be so proud of yourselves now -- and you deserve to be. You got a very strong team this year.

But we Iskos and Iskas will be meeting you guys head-on in other battlefields: debate and law school. Let's see who among us gets ground into minced meat the next time we meet.


My previous paragraph reminds me of a joke I heard from way back when I was still a struggling undergrad in UP Diliman. It goes this way:

Two college guys -- an Atenean and a UP guy -- take a pee using the CR cubicles. The Atenean goes first, then while he turns to the sink to wash his hands, the UP guy uses the facilities, comes out, picks up his bag, and gets ready to leave the CR.

With a disgusted expression on his face, the Atenean says, "Yuck, you UP guys are so disgusting -- not even bothering to wash your hands after using the CR!"

The UP guy turns to the Atenean, smirks, and replies, "That's because we UP guys don't pee on our hands."


College rivalries... I miss them...


Treksi said...

Ma'am, it's UP Frightened Maroons...

Dinky said...

Ei, Trix! You just gotta give them a chance. Apparently, UP pips have never acquired another Benjie Paras and Ronnie Magsanoc after our glory days in 1986. Maybe next time.
For the meantime, pa-adopt lang muna tayo sa mga Atenista, hehehe...
How are you, gurl?