Thursday, October 2, 2008

In the Twilight Zone

I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone these past few days. I've been treated (or shocked) with surprises and new challenges left and right.

First, I finally resigned from my present company. Now I'm getting out of my comfort zone, taking another big risk, and I do hope that this big risk would be so worth it because I'm scared as Hell on what its outcome will be.

Next, I became reacquainted with friends from my media, college, and high school days, thanks to my new Facebook account. (And now I profess my love for this online social network. If ever I conceive again, my nextborn shall hereby be named "Facebook.")

Then I get an invitation to another online social network by someone who I know used to be so hostile toward technology, primarily toward using computers.

Also recently, some of my older cousins and I managed to get in touch with each other again via Yahoo Messenger. The last time I got to talk with one of them was when I was in high school, and that was a long LOOOOOOONNNNGGG time ago. I was young and full of hope then. Now I'm older and just plain hopeless.

Today probably is the climax of my Twilight Zone syndrome. A special friend's brother just called me on my mobile for a favor. I can't divulge details about our conversation, only that I'm shocked beyond my wits. And I thought he didn't like me being friends with his brother...

As of press time, I still couldn't concentrate on my work because of his call.

Hmmm...I guess desperate times do call for desperate measures.

Now all I need to complete my Twilight Zone experience is the confirmation of my appointment in this PR agency I applied for. If all goes well, then it's back to Manila for me. If not, then there's still this other job waiting for me. It's a sanitary engineer job at the SM Mall of Asia. hehehehe...

I'm soliciting for prayers at this point. It's this PR agency job or nil -- so help me God.


Treksi said...

Sana you get the PR job. But even more sana is that you don't have a twilight zone experience here in Blogger. I pity the child naman who comes after lil Facebook. Hehehe, corny, anuvah!

Dinky said...

Nah, I stop with Facebook. Baka di na kayanin ng reproductive suystem ko ang isa pa. hekhekhek...