Thursday, February 7, 2008

Prayers for Jun Lozada

I just have to say this: Jun Lozada once again renewed my belief in the Filipino.

After receiving numerous death threats and almost getting erased from the face of this earth by operatives of the PNP, Rodolfo Noel "Jun" Lozada is finally coming into terms
with his new moniker as "star witness" with regard to the anomalous National Broadband Network (NBN) deal.

It takes a humongous amount of guts to actually face up to the powers that be and admit that they've been receiving massive kickbacks in return for "presidential favors." With the kind of track record
the Arroyo administration has in terms of human rights violations and extra-judicial killings, I wouldn't be surprised if anyone would have the balls to squeal on corrupt practices made by some of the president's men -- including the president's own husband!

But Jun Lozada stood up to the challenge, although not exactly with open arms -- which is quite understandable.

May God protect Filipinos like Jun Lozada. He may just be the key to finally blowing out in the open all the dastardly deeds of these people in power.

Almost every concerned Filipino is now tuned in to the teleserye-like unfolding of events in the Senate, and if history is going to be a basis (remember the Estrada impeachment proceedings?), something climactic is going to happen. I'm just waiting for that "you-can't-handle-the-truth" moment, and I'm sure that Jun Lozada will be at the heart of it all.

I call on every caring Filipino to please pray for Jun Lozada. Lord knows he'll really need it.

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