Friday, February 1, 2008

Tamano is New PLM Prez!


My all-time crush, Adel Tamano, has just been installed as president of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM)!

Dang, now I wish I continued with my master's degree. Then I would be able to apply for a teaching position in PLM. hehe....

It's not just that adorable face and those killer dimples that make Adel Tamano my all-time crush. You guys should listen to him when he speaks. He is eloquence personified.

Now, Philippine politics has its share of personalities that also happen to have the faces that could actually make it in show business. However, Adel Tamano not only possesses the face that could give Piolo Pascual a run for his money: he's got the brains and principles to boot!

Tamano's ideas and stands on issues are -- to say the least -- brilliant. He knows how to post and defend arguments in any forum. He can stand strong behind his statements even when debating with more seasoned personalities in the political arena (Read: trapos). My world actually stops when I see him on ANC.

No wonder Adel Tamano was chosen as spokesman for the United Opposition.

PLM is really lucky to have Tamano as its new president. With his youth and brilliant ideas, this university is sure to prosper in the next few years.

And now, for that master's degree...


For detailed information on the installation of Adel Tamano as PLM president, just click on this link.

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