Friday, February 8, 2008

We're on Print!

Before I show you exactly what I'm talking about, first let me tell you how this came to be. My office's HR usually hands over the conceptualization of our weekly print ad to us in Marketing. My fellow Marketing colleagues then thought of putting people from different areas apart from Cebu together in the ad with the catch phrase: "Just because they come from different places doesn't mean that they can't work together." Since I'm from both Leyte and Manila, they decided to include me as one of the "print models" in the ad.

Thus, after a few mug shots and a little tweaking by our talented graphic designer, Mark, this is the result:

Note the smug look on my face. I'm just trying to project the "terror teacher" persona I got known for in my teaching days. hehehe...

This came out in today's edition of Sun.Star. That's me on the extreme left, followed by the lovely Jade, the cute Alfalfa-like Jon (note the single tuft of hair sticking on top of his head...cute!), killer half-kangaroo Noel (Peace, yo!) and the virginal Winnie. Oops, didn't notice that I cropped out Noel's place of origin. He's actually our half-Aussie, half-Cebuano mate.

This is what HR gets when they leave the making of the job ad to us. hehehehe...

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