Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Allow Me to Gloat...

Yesterday, I surfed the Net looking for the whole name of the incumbent dean of UP Cebu. My search using the Almighty Google led me to the Wikipedia website (www.wiki.com) where I found his name under the page, "University of the Philippines, Visayas - Cebu College." When I scrolled down the said page, I found the name, "Tacloban" in very small fonts. Out of curiosity, I clicked on it. Lo and behold: Wiki.com also has a page dedicated to "University of the Philippines, Visayas - Tacloban College!" Click on this link and see it for yourself.

I explored the UPVTC page further and found the segment on student organizations. I think I almost cried from extreme joy when I read this:

"UPTC DebSoc is the most successful debating organization in Eastern Visayas, and the best in the Visayas."

Now, THIS really made my day!

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