Sunday, March 9, 2008

So much to Blog about, so little Time (again)

Good Lord, I've been quite busy with my life the past few weeks, I've been neglecting my blogs already.

By the way, busy in the Book of Dinky-isms, means washing clothes, buying groceries, caring for my three cats, and office work. Those are basically what take up my time. Okay, also means watching Marimar (Yes, this is what happens when there is no cable on my TV in Cebu. Kinda pathetic, actually...) and looking for the cheapest buys in Colon (Certified cheapskate -- that's me!).

So, let me begin with my newest bitch alerts...


Bwahaha...heard the news about DepEd banning Jun Lozada from conducting his campus tours in public elementary and high schools?

What in the world is DepEd so afraid of? That students in public schools will learn more from Jun Lozada than from their tired and obviously low-quality curriculum?

As a former educator, I always believe that learning doesn't only occur within the four walls of a classroom. It occurs everywhere, for as long as the student is trained to absorb and understand the world around him/her.

I also trained my students to ask questions because it is in asking well-formulated questions that one gets substantial answers to add to his/her treasure trove of knowledge.

All these things considered, the things Jun Lozada has to say can be of use to all students -- from those in the elementary grades to college.

Thus, I don't understand why DepEd is censoring this additional venue for our youth's learning.

Is it because the students may just learn too much?


Ever since this ZTE scandal has been blown out into the open, Gloria Arroyo has already been called or described in so many colorful terms.

CHED Commissioner Romulo Neri was alleged to have described GMA as "evil."

Former House Speaker Jose de Venecia, smarting from the First Family's dropping him like a hot potato over his son's whistle-blowing, said that GMA is "ungrateful."

The most recent tag I heard given to the president was endowed on her -- albeit through a severe case of foot-in-mouth disease -- by none other than one of her most-trusted economic advisers, her former student, and now-Albay Governor Joey Salceda.

This was the situation. Salceda was recently invited to speak before a group of students and academicians about some economic chuvaloo. In that seminar of sorts, he mentioned something about GMA's economic policies. Let me quote verbatim how he summarized his discussion on that particular issue:

"President Arroyo may be a bitch, but she is one lucky bitch."

Only after he said what he had to say did he realize that there were some members of the media in the audience.

Salceda was so freakin' worried about his statement that he literally got sick that night. He texted the president, apologizing to the high heavens for his name-calling which he said was "uncalled for."

Hekhekhek...I got to know Salceda during his days as a topnotch stockbroker in the Tektite Stock Exchange, and he does have very flowery language. He wasn't liked much for it, but hey: at least he was downright honest with what he felt had to be said.

Knowing the kind of person Salceda is, I'm sure that there still is that part of him that isn't so apologetic about referring to GMA as a "lucky bitch."

And my take on that is -- my sentiments exactly!


So much for politics...

Guess what: I am now the proud mother of an elementary graduate!

My daughter, Ingrid Crystal, is finally graduating from Tanauan 1 Central School. Heck, who cares about honors? All I know is that she did her best, and that she's going to be in high school next school year already.

Time really does fly. One moment, I was giving birth to Ingrid. Now, she's an eleven-year old teenager.

I'm getting old...


And speaking of getting old, I remember what I said before that I'd like to die by the time I reach the age of 50. Considering that I'm already more than halfway there and I'm still as unstable (financially, that is) as ever, I think I can forego death at 50. Maybe 60 is a better age to bite the dust.

Besides, I'm going to be 38 this year already, but I don't feel my age.

I guess what they say about age being only a state of mind is true. You're only as old as you feel.

Well, I may be a little slower than I was when I competed in the 200-meter run in the 1983 Palarong Maynila ( you guys didn't know that!), but I'm still as strong as a horse. And my mind is still as sharp as ever -- with the few and far-between bouts of forgetfulness on the side.

Probably the only manifestation of my real age is seen in my hair. More white strands than ever before. But hey: some teenagers have whiter heads than me.

As I always say in my dialect: "Tagi hin chance."

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