Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Daughter's Graduating! AAAAAGGGHHH!

Need I say more?

Where did all those years go? It feels like just yesterday when I was giving birth to my Ingrid Crystal. Now she'll be graduating from her elementary grades come March 27.

I'll have a high school teenager already!

I'm not even sure where I'll be sending Ingrid for high school. Bringing her to Cebu is out of the question: my finances still can't afford it. I originally wanted her to study in Leyte High, but I'm not sure if she'll manage going to school very early in the morning. Assumption Academy in Tanauan is out of the question: that school is a mere suction pump of money. TSCHI? GOD FORBID! That school has more holidays than school days -- I don't know what the students there are learning! Tanauan National High School? In fairness to this school, I think it has more graduates who managed to pass the UPCAT than TSCHI and Assumption combined. However, I don't feel too comfortable with this school. It just has too many vacant spaces and shady corners. These may just be the perfect spots for teenagers with jumping hormones. *shiver*

Oh well, I guess I just have to deal with the fact that I already have a high school teenager in my hands.

Next thing I know, she'll be getting married.


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